Finding employment

Sitting here I was thinking about something that happened ad work not to long ago.  We had an employee quit.  Ok that’s normal right? And why would it bug me? Well being the fact that it was their second job that they had  quit in less than six months.  It bugs me that they had the opportunity to have been able to quite and get another job real quick with little work ethic.  But I myself  have had two employers tell me that “”we want to hire you”, and one even told me that i was next in line to be called in to training.  Only later to read an ad that they were looking for someone to fill the spot that i was applying for.  Does real good to the self esteem and psyche.  So to see people quit multiple jobs or even try to claim that there is no work pisses me off when here I am getting rejected from positions that I am qualified for all because of my label and how people just see every S.O. is a monster.  I am grateful that the current occupation I am in (short order cook) and my employers.  They know my history and look past it t see who I am, willing to be a personal reference as well as work.  But I wont let the ignorance of some employers deter me from looking for the job that offers me what I want and where I can work my way up to management.  Sadly there is no moving up in a mom and pop owned place.  Plus it would be nice to be able to recieve benefits.  But until then I stay where I am.