Finding a friend

So finding a friend with a label such as mine can be a bit difficult.  As you never know how people will use the information that is given to them about my past.  Usually if they are a true friend they will not bring anything up in your face or even one of those that are a decent person will also see things as they truly are. However every now and then you get a truly false friend.  Take one of my neighbors for instance.  The other night when i arrived home he started to curse me out claiming i was a peeping tom and that i was always giving dirty looks to his company. Now mind you his window is directly in front of the porch where i go to my place and you have to walk right by the window.  But that that wasn’t the worst part of it all.  He had the audacity to call me a child molesting peeping tom.


Later in that very same evening, I over heard my one neighbor arguing with someone else (nothing new, specially when he is drinking).  So I proceed to open my front door and listen in.  It was mostly yelling, screaming, and name calling.  Then finally some action.  One of the other guys my neighbor was arguing with swung on him, got one hit in and knock my neighbor on the ground.  After words both saying they beat the others ass.  Only a couple punches where thrown. The second guy that was out there almost started fighting but it was nothing more than two people yelling at each other.   The funny thing about the night was that prior to the one guy punching my neighbor he (my neighbor) called for my help and told the other guy that he was arguing with that i was going to come down and beat his ass ( the other guy).  I had to laugh as it was not just 5-10 min ago that my neighbor was trying to get me to fight him and whatnot.  So why would I help him?