Finding a friend

So finding a friend with a label such as mine can be a bit difficult.  As you never know how people will use the information that is given to them about my past.  Usually if they are a true friend they will not bring anything up in your face or even one of those that … [Read more…]


It’s funny how at times in life since being incarcerated I have looked at the similarities of both inside and outside.  Biggest thing is the walls/fences that surround the prisons. We always have someone that we have to listen to and do as we are told for one reason or another.   I have been … [Read more…]

Finding employment

Sitting here I was thinking about something that happened ad work not to long ago.  We had an employee quit.  Ok that’s normal right? And why would it bug me? Well being the fact that it was their second job that they had  quit in less than six months.  It bugs me that they had … [Read more…]